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Gardening at Bingley Garden Centre

Here at Bingley Garden Centre, we’re passionate about plants!

In our outdoor plant area, you’ll find a varied selection of hardy garden plants from trees, shrubsclimbers and perennials to herbs and alpines.

You’ll also discover a range of leading brands in store as well as all the essentials to help you tackle any task in your garden, be it little or large.

Whether you’re growing your own, finding the perfect plant for your beds and borders, dealing with a pest problem or looking for advice on what plants are best suited for your outdoor space, the team at Bingley really know their onions.

Beautiful Bedding Plants

Essential when looking to add vibrant colours to your garden, our bedding plants change with the seasons and are a popular addition to beds and borders with many varieties grown locally here in Yorkshire!

Hardy Plants, Trees And Shrubs

Evergreens are essential in winter months as they provide masses of colour when not much else is in flower. Browse our great, low maintenance selection in store and add long term structure, texture and interest to your outdoor space all year round.

Containers And Baskets

Our made to order or pre-made hanging baskets and containers are a beautiful addition to any garden and are certain to add colour and interest to your outdoor space.

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Spring Lawn Care

A fresh, green lawn can really bring your whole garden to life and it’s not that hard to achieve!

Spring is the perfect time to put a little extra effort into your lawn to get it into shape so it can flourish all year round and make your neighbours green with envy! Keep reading to follow our complete guide to achieve a great looking lawn for the year ahead…


Have a happy, homegrown summer for 2024! The satisfaction of growing your own produce is unmatched for any gardener. And, whether you’re sowing in a greenhouse or directly into the ground, now is the perfect time to turn your hand to growing your own produce! All it takes is sunshine, soil and a little bit of perseverance.


Growing from seed is both the cheapest and most rewarding way to grow your own – all it takes is a little patience. And, with prices constantly on the rise, there’s no better time to give it a grow!

Carry to Car

For heavier or bulky items, please speak to our team and we’ll happily take items to the till and load them into your car for you.

Hardy Plants Lifetime Guarantee

We carefully select great quality plants that are guaranteed to grow so, providing you keep the receipt and look after the plant we’ll happily replace your hardy plant if it fails.

Here to Help

Our team really know their onions. No question is too silly, please just ask!

We’re here to help you keep your garden looking great as well as discover what will grow well in your plot – whether you’re growing your own, adding to beds and borders or dealing with problem pests.

Each month in the gardening calendar has it’s own special requirements, that’s why our Team Tong experts are delighted to share with you our hints and tips to ensure you make the most from your garden all year long!

Garden Essentials

From aggregates to compost, garden tools, pots and growing packs, we have a wide range of gardening essentials available in store so you can offer quality care to your garden throughout the seasons.

Garden Ornaments & Stoneware

Create a striking statement with our bespoke range of beautiful garden stoneware. Beautifully crafted and hardwearing, products from our range are sure to create a real centrepiece in your outdoor space.

Pots & Planters

Bring your garden to life with pots and planters packed with striking colour, textures and scents! From rustic terracotta and stylish slate to lightweight plastic and natural wood, our variety of pots and planters suit any size and style of garden.

Garden Tools

Find the right tool for the job with our fantastic range gardening tools from leading brands such as Gardena, Kent and Stowe and Westland. So, whether you’re pottering around in your front garden or need something more substantial for the allotment, we’ve got you covered!


From nest boxes and bird houses to fat balls and mealworms, our range of birdcare is updated throughout the seasons so you can provide a wildlife sanctuary to our feathery friends across the year.

Expert Advice

Pop in store and speak to our group of experts.

Whether you’re looking to brighten a dull corner in your garden, need advice on a specific plant or want to learn more about welcoming wildlife into your space, no question is too big – our team really know their onions and are on hand to help you keep your garden looking great all year round.

Gardening Inspiration Guides

The expert gardening teams from Yorkshire Garden Centres have come together to provide a hub of Inspirational guides for you.


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